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Art Is The Solution To Enhance Subconscious Skills

Art is Pure, Pleasent, Powerful. And that's why we are here for you. To help you sneak out the creativity & innovativeness hiding inside you.

We found colours even before we could even scribble. Eventually, art found a way to us. Remember how we loved colouring as children? Every wall of the house flooded with distorted innocent creativity. We did not spare anything, be it with crayons, colour pencils or watercolours. So the question arises, did we find art or vice versa?

ArtAgham - The Fine Art Academy

Why choose us?


Honest and Dependable

We dont just bring the creativity as part of the course. We bring out the good angels and fill the spaces with positive vibrations.


The story telling method

We don’t teach just art. We sing you the story around it. Art should not be injected but inspired.


We Are Passionate

ArtAgham, the best school for kids initiates an urge to think the art way. We are a team of fine artists striving to impart knowledge from the roots. Together, we nurture creativity and give wings to the little minds.


Because creativity brings Joy

Always enjoy what you do. Besides, art helps mature imaginative skills. We aim to get hands-on, where kids can have absolute creative exploring. This brings us closer to the creative world!

The reason behind starting ArtAgham is to provide the right learning for fine arts. The team behind this wonderful journey is Fine Art Grads who are experienced enough to guide Art better than anyone else. Colours gave me an inspiration during my young age & along with the encouragement from my teachers to be the best after drawing a Vinayagar. After winning 4 State awards in my school days at Thiruvannamalai, I was passionate to complete bachelors & masters of fine arts in Sculpting with a Diploma in Multimedia & Animation at Loyola, Chennai. Since then I put on consistent efforts to fine-tune young buds day by day. 




Children are always fascinated and attracted towards colours. Even small babies are happy to see colourful toys. As they grow they get interested in drawing and painting and some of them even start drawing on their own. While general coloring and painting books available in bookstores satisfy some of their urge, it does not provide systematic approach to learning drawing and painting.



Let the children lose it. Let the children use it. Let all the children boogie! We induldge in extensive training to beginners with line practice in various stages for free hand sketching.



Did you know all children are inborn artists? How do we make them better? Well, we let the little ones be themselves.
Just with a little extra bit of fine-tuning and suggestions, they could be pro's too.



Students will learn the basic drawing skills to which they can build on, while those with more experience can increase their knowledge. The course will contain various facets of drawing and painting.


Super Advanced

The Super Advanced course also gives an insight into new prospects of painting in a digital era on the basis of a reflective and critical attitude.


Fine Arts

Our little ones follow a steady pace to make the best of their enigma. We introduce our kids to every genre of art at every level of progress. Also, every kid has the liberty to follow their best-suited form of art. Here’s how we do it the right way at our art school for kids.

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No. 13, B1, G1, Bharani Flats,
Kalaimagal Street, Radha Nagar, Chrompet,
Chennai 600044.


Phone: +91 97890 40583
               +91 98941 97477

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